Super cute BabyApes on Solana!

A Solana-Powered Token for the BabyApes Community - Join us and let's make BabyApes the best community on Solana - Oogi Oogi!
What is BabyApes?
Collection of 5,000 BabyApes algorithmically generated, cute and collectible living in the Solana Blockchain.
Whats $OOGI token?
$OOGI is a token made on Solana by the Turtles development team. It was introduced as a meme token for the BabyApes&Turtles communities but with the partnership it with Turtles Launchpad and now it has utilities.
With a total of 18.4 Billion $OOGI tokens, the following amounts have been allotted for different purposes:
25% Airdrop
A total of $OOGI 4.6 billion will be given freely to Solana ecosystem and BabyApes NFT holders.
20% Liquidity
$OOGI 3.68 billion will be made available as the supply of liquidity into pools to make it very easy for people to buy and sell.
10% Team
10% of the $OOGI Token Supply is allocated to the Oogicoin core team. The team’s allocation will be unlocked over the course of 20 months (0.5% per month)
5% Partnerships
15% Marketing
10% Team
20% Liquidity
25% Airdrop
Total Supply
15% Marketing
The amount of $OOGI to be reserved for promotions and marketing is $OOGI 2.76 billion.
5% Partnerships
The amount of $OOGI tokens available for partnerships is $OOGI 920 million. This would be used to foster bridges between different communities, projects and established companies that would be involved with $OOGI in the future.
Burning Mechanism
To make Oogi more valuable, we added deflationary and burn mechanism through the following features:

  • We are using 55% royalty income from BabyApes NFT for buyback and burn.
    • We are using 70% royalty income from Turtles NFT for buyback and burn.
    • If people use OOGI on Turtles Launchpad, we are burning 100% of used tokens.
    • Some revenues from Turtles Launchpad will be used for buyback&burn $OOGI.
    • 20% of Solcasino Revenue will be used for buyback and burn OOGI.
BabyApes NFT - October 2021
Birth of 5000 BabyApesNFTs on Solana.
$OOGI - October 2021
Birth of $OOGI, meme coin built on Solana.
Listing $OOGI on Exchanges
-Listed on
-OOGI/USDC Swap on Raydium
First Airdrop
A total of $OOGI 337.5M sent freely to the minter of BabyApes.
We are proud to announce our partnership with Turtle Launchpad. This will introduce the first utility and usage of our $OOGI token.
Second Airdrop
A total of $OOGI 1.16 billion will be given freely to the holders of BabyApes, Solana Monkey Business, Degen Ape Academy, ThugBirdz, Turtles, Chosen Ones and Spookeletons.
$OOGI is listed on
$OOGI is listed on
$OOGI is listed on
OOGI/USDC farming is started on
-Those who stake their $OOGI tokens will be earning from this pool of $OOGI available on
$OOGI is listed on Cropper.Finance
-People spent 7.9m $OOGI tokens for be able to mint a nft on Turtles Launchpad.
-We burnt 3.885m $OOGI tokens.
-55% of BabyApes royalty revenues will be used for buyback and burn.
$OOGI is listed on
$OOGI is listed on
Twitter Payment App
We are now partnered with
You can now send $OOGI on twitter using your @hey_wallet.
$OOGI is listed on
$OOGI is listed on
We are proud to announce our very own Live Casino on Solana!
Usable tokens are: $OOGI, $SOL, $USDT and $USDC (for now).
No need to create an account, just connect your phantom wallet and you are ready to play!
20% of revenue will be used to buyback and burn $OOGI.
We partnered with and we will be the only Solana project that they will work with.
We will be the first and last Solana project they will partner.
$OOGI is listed on
We just buyback $OOGI with 55% royalty revenue and we burnt 9229975.095614804 $OOGI.
Merging&Burning Tokens
We just merged $TRTLS and $OOGI tokens.
All $TRTLS tokens will be turned to $OOGI.
1 $TRTLS = 1630 $OOGI.

Royalties will be used for buyback&burn. (We have like 20-30k usd)
20% @Solcasinoio revenue will be used for buyback&burn. (200-300k usd/monthly).
All staked functions stopped for $OOGI. Unused staking supply will be burned too.
We will decrease the supply, instead rising from now.
62.6K USD left from $TRTLS Liquidity pool, these will be used buyback&burn $OOGI too.
Burning Tokens
We just used 82.893 USD (TurtlesNFT Royalty) AND 16M OOGI (From
Burning Tokens
We just spent 200.000 USD for buyback $OOGI and 232.01M $OOGI BURNED.
Meet Our BabyApesNFT!
Next hottest Solana Nft Collection. 5,000 unique BabyApes living in the Solana Blockchain.
How to buy $OOGI
How To Buy (Solana DEX)
STEP 1: Install Phantom for Chrome
Go to and install the Chrome extension. Follow their steps from the guide and finish the setup.
STEP 2: Send SOL to your Phantom Wallet
Create a Solana wallet (we recommend Phantom) and send the SOL to your Phantom wallet address.
STEP 3: Go to Jupiter
For easy swapping, we recommend using Jupiter.
STEP 4: Swap your USDC for OOGI
Go to the Raydium and you can now swap USDC to OOGI easily